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Welcome to Curious Kittenz & Catz, a Catz3 Site.

Play with any unadopted Kittenz, Catz, Dames, or Sires LIVE!

Okay, I'm up to the Late June breedings and other requests. :) I'm ALMOST caught up. I'm still trying! I do have another 40-50 Kittenz and Catz to put up, but am trying to finish the requested breedings before doing that.

CKC has a variety of pure and mixed breed Kittenz and Catz available for adoption, or breeding. CKC can breed a kitten especially for you from any of our dames and sires, or if you'd like to see a kittenz from one of your Petz, we can do that too!

If there's something you'd like to see on CKC, or a specific breed, color marking, etc, we can try and do it.

Please be patient as pages load, some of the kittenz, catz, sires, or dames pages may have upwards of 50 or 60 small pictures on them. CKC has tried to make the pages Lynx Friendly as well, so if you're on Lynx, and having trouble, please let us know so we can fix it!

Also Available for Download:

[Tennis Ball]
Tennis Ball
[Sunflower Seeds]
Sunflower Seeds
[Marble Vase]
Marble Vase for Flowers
[Petz3 Petz Player]
Petz Player
[Petz3 Petz Publisher]
Petz Publisher


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  • 7/13: Added Silver's Search Engine, as well as a few new links to the Links Page. I am almost caught up with all my backlogged requests, and will soon be able to add in new petz. Sorry for the nasty wait!
  • 5/1: PF.Magic told folks that there was something wrong with the original Tie Dyed Outfit available for download. We now have their fixed version. If you want to read the advisory, please do. They have also released some carrot seeds that have been put up. We're working on breeding everyone for new kittenz and catz. Finals are over on May 12th, and hopefully over that coming weekend, we'll be able to add a bunch of new petz as well as catch up on all the requests.
  • 4/23: PF.Magic has a new download: A Tie Dyed Outfit!
  • 4/9: Adopted Kittenz and Catz removed from the Pages. PF.Magic has more new downloads! Easter Clothes, Bunny Outfit, Snow Clothes, Snow Toyz, and a new Snow Play Scene!
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  • Updates to Come:

  • Suggestions for Updates? Ideas? Let me know!
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